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Uganda 'Safe Houses':

Dear fellow citizens of Uganda, there is a reason this man Museveni does not want to be compared to Amin. Most Ugandans who are over 40 can remember the terror of Nakasero State Research Bureau Center. Most of us avoided passing that side. Many who entered that place never came out. Fear was everywhere.

The difference with now is the fear is not yet announced. Like if you have Ebola and no one announces it, as our scientists claim to take weeks and months still "studying the situation". People die all the same but no one is so worried.

Now when you announce that there is Ebola, everyone begins fearing and the public panicks.

During Amins time, everyone knew that there is danger. You got involved in things of politics at your own risk of "disappearing" for good. So danger was clear and people knew. Now with the "son of Kaguta", people "disappear" in much bigger numbers than Amin but because the danger has not yet been announced, it seems life is just normal. Ugandans even boast about being able to sleep. Well, we shall try our best to wake people up.

Today, we bring you a report which you can compare with Amins time. Amin mainly used one Nakasero torture center, Museveni has several all over Kampala. And they are always busy spilling the blood of Ugandans. If you are lucky, you escape with permanent horrible injuries for life. These are the few you sometimes see pictures in the newspaper. Do you think these are the only cases?

After some time patiently gathering info by Radio Katwe's intelligence operatives, we can now give Ugandans a checked and verified story on what goes on inside the safe houses in Kampala which you have all been hearing about. Museveni's tactic is always to use several independent terror groups who don't know each other. So we are still looking for more houses of torture. But at least we can confirm these ones. We thank our boys who risk a lot to bring this information to the light. You are true patriots who have Uganda at heart. Asante sana.

Let us start with a safe house in a place they call Mutungo. Mutungo is a hill outside Kampala. [exact location is awaiting clearance before we announce it].

This is a safe house run by CMI. What they do there is not human. You cannot believe it. One part of the house has a room which has steps going down into a dark room like an underground bunker or cellar.

The CMI operatives get a prisoner and tie him to a chair with ropes. They then tie sealing tape round his face until it is like a mask of cellotape. They leave holes for his mouth and nose not covered. The rest of the head is completely covered in tape even the eyes.

The prisoner on the chair is then put on the floor. A tap is opened and water begins filling the room. The prisoner is sitting there not knowing what is happening. The water then begins rising up until it reaches his chest.

It then begins rising up to his neck and then his head. He starts suffocating, the water is entering his mouth and nose, he cannot stand up, he is shouting but the water is drowning him.

The CMI operative in charge of this torture is seating on a chair at the top of the steps barking, "You talk!"

Some of you have been hearing about the Americans using "water boarding" or simulated drowning. This is the same method but in more barbaric real way.

Another safe house is in Ntinda, the one where the PRA suspects were taken in 2005. We have not yet got details on the means of torturing which take place in Ntinda so we shall not say much on it.

We go now to the main torture safe house at Kololo Summit View. This is a house which faces the backyard of the residence of the Ambassador of Denmark to Uganda. (Our intention is not to cause loss of sleep for his excellency the Ambassador when he knows that he lives a few metres away from the worst atrocities man can commit on each other, but we have little choice)

It is a house owned by a Mukiga man who works in the Ministry of Finance. We are not sure of his names yet. He knows he rents it to CMI but we are not sure if he knows it is used as a safe house, or for him he is just interested in the fat rent which he gets. Dear sir, we shall get the plot number and other details shortly, then you can know yourself that your house is full of blood, cries of agony of people near dying, and extreme pain every day.

Anyway, at that Kololo safe house, prisoners are beaten like hell. Some cannot walk properly after that. One of the torture methods is to remove the toe nails of the prisoners using pliers, by force.

The CMI operatives also use the tape for sealing cardboard boxes to cover the eyes of the prisoners. You can imagine the pain when a CMI torture man comes to unwrap the cello tape by force and the gum is hurting the eyes.

The prisoners are kept in rough metal shackles the whole day which cut the skin. There is no bed for them and some even sleep in a seating position. When you want to ease yourself, you do it there where you are seated. No such thing as going to the toilet.

These are just a few methods of inflicting unimaginable pain and suffering. These evil men have so many ways, we cannot list all of them here. It is just enough to tell you that what happens there is beyond human.

Now what is important than telling you how torture is done, is that we have been able to get the names of the actual people (if we can call these animals people) who take part in the torturing by giving orders themselves there, live, not by telephone or written order. They personally supervise these barbaric acts.

The first one is Col. Leopold Kyanda. Kyanda is the Chief of Military Intelligence. He does not sit at the Kololo safe house but he comes there once it a while. When he came there to interrogate a prisoner recently, he was asking questions about the prisoner and his case file.

Then he gave the order and we quote, "Give him more!" and the torturing resumed with too much brutality, you cannot believe. (Afande Kyanda, the exact date, time and registration number of the vehicle you used are being withheld now to protect patriotic informers. When one day you appear before the Court of law, you will be asked to account for your whereabouts at that exact time and you will not be able to deny what we are saying here).

The main men in ordering and overseeing the torture are the director of counter-intelligence in CMI. He is Capt. Joseph Kamusiime. He was the director of counter-intelligence in 2006.

Another man of torture is Major Abdul Rugumayo. He must be the head of counter-intelligence in CMI today, subject to us checking on this fact.

The other one is Lt. Keith Katungi. He has connections with PGB but he is mainly in CMI. We also have Capt. Abel Kandiho.

In fact there was chaos in CMI one day recently. One of these CMI officers is a personal friend of Bart Kakooza, a Kampala journalist. Kakooza normally meets him at the Conference Centre office of CMI.

When Kakooza passed by there and did not find him, he drove to Kololo. Of course Kakooza thinks this safe house is a normal office of army guys. So when he reached the gate, the guard who did not know him opened and let him come in.

The CMI murderers who torture Ugandans inside were in a panic!!! They could not imagine how a journalist could have come in. Some prisoners were seated near the verandah and they were quickly moved inside the house and locked up. Kakooza then met his friend.

When Kakooza left, all the guards at that Kololo safe house were arrested and beaten up badly. They were asked how they could let in a man they did not know and a man who did not have security clearance.

Poor guards! They heard Kakooza speaking in Runyankore and he looks just like the other CMI officers so they thought he was an intelligence officer. You know how Museveni's "military" intelligence works only to torture civilians, so they dress like normal people. Also intelligence is full of those Westerner people. So the guards feared to lock him out in case he was some big intelligence operative who they did not know yet.

We cannot inerview Kakooza to see whether he knows the real nature of the Kololo "office" but it seems he left the safe house for town knowing he had come to his friend's office because when you see, it is well disguised to hide the fact that inside is just death and hell! If he does not know, then he will be too surprised when he reads on Radio Katwe and sees things which they hid from him that afternoon. Friends of Kakooza can ask him and see what he says.

So Ugandans, this is the first look into how CMI works as seen from the ground. If you have people in UPDF or CMI they will confirm to you that this story is correct. In fact it does not even give enough data of the bloody horror in CMI, the most dreaded people in Uganda.

Management of Radio Katwe hopes you Ugandans are printing out these articles and filing them somewhere for the day we shall be producing these murderous criminals in a Kampala court or the ICC at the Hague.

Also we want to mention an important lesson. During the 70's and early 80's, people used to say "northerners" are terrible people, that they were the source of all Ugandas problems. Now, people are saying "westerners" are the worst scum of the earth. It is true that Museveni has packed his regime with westerners, and they are the ones manning the torture machine now and giving Ugandans problems.

We ask Ugandans to think more carefully and see that this way of analysing our problems is not good enough. The "northerners" we used to see those days, and now these "westerners" of today, are just a small elite group of thugs and cronies here in Kampala. The fact is that the vast majority of "northerners", and now "westerners" were in poverty and hunger just like everyone else.

We are not trying to defend nepotism and tribalism, but just being realistic. We should be careful not fall into Musevenis sectarianism trap of condemning everyone based on the actions of individuals from a certain area. All the people of Ankole have never met and said let us go and rule over other Ugandans by force and steal their things. Even in our recent story of the Hima Master Plan of 12 Dec 2007, you can see it is just a few families even though they incite the rest who are ignorant peasants.

All dictators have their tricks of keeping power and this one of using ethnic group is a favorite one all over the world. What you see as "westerners" is just a ruling clique using the label westerners to exaggerate their power. We shall resolve our problems better if we focus on peoples behaviors than tribe. For us, if anyone who is a thief, tortures or kills Ugandans then he becomes a persona non grata. Whether he is from Rukungiri or Mityana or where, we don't mind, when time comes we shall just get him and deal with him.

On another topic, after few days from now, we shall bring you a report on the new generation of "mafia" which this regime has bred to take over from them. It seems Museveni is determined to undermine the country called Uganda for the next 50 years to come. A new generation of sophisticated thieves has been groomed. Wait until you read the report which will use Terp boss Odrek Rwabwogo as our main example of this new breed.

Now Ugandans, we are talking about the many so called intelligence/security organisations which Museveni uses to oppress Ugandans. They are created first of all for his private use, to keep us in check, but not for our national good. We are inviting our boys and others in one of these useless spy organisations called Internal Secuirty Organisation (ISO) to help Ugandans understand this body. Is the Director General of Internal Security Organisation Dr Amos Mukumbi a clean man? It seems so the way readers are keeping quiet. What do you think?

- Radio Katwe -
Dec. 20, 2007